CQE Application FAQ

CQE ApplicationHey There,

Many of the frequently asked questions I get about becoming a Certified Quality Engineer or CQE have to do with the application & the application process.

Check those questions out below! If you have a question about the exam that I haven’t answered, shoot me an email.

How do I apply to take the CQE Exam?

ASQ provides two different methods for application. You can either apply on-line (which is what I did) or complete a hardcopy and mail it in.

Here is link to the ASQ CQE Online Application page to apply. If you’re ready to apply now, I’ve created a whole separate page that contains Tips & Tricks for a smooth application process.

Is there a deadline for my application?

Yes – you must apply in advance of your exam date. If you’re running late, ASQ does accept late application, but there is an extra fee for those who do. Here is a link to the ASQ CQE Exam Date page for more information.

What Does ASQ Consider to be a Decision making Position?

If you’re not familiar, one of the ASQ requirements to sit for the CQE exam is that you must have 3 years in a “Decision Making” position.

Taken Directly from ASQ: “Decision-making” is defined as the authority to define, execute, or control projects/processes and to be responsible for the outcome.

This may or may not include management or supervisory positions. I emailed ASQ to get more details here, but was unable to gather much more. My gut feeling is that they are fairly loose with this requirement.

How will I know my application has been accepted?

Approved CQE ApplicationRegardless of your method of application (online v. hardcopy) ASQ will email you once they have reviewed and approved your application.

Bonus: ASQ will also send you an email confirming your exam location 2 – 3 weeks before the exam.

Does my Degree have to be in an engineering related field?

Not at all!

ASQ Stresses that CQE’s are Professionals who have demonstrated a proficiency in the principles and tools outlined in the Body of Knowledge.

Nowhere do they state that you are required to have an engineering related degree, although it certainly helps.


I hope this has helped! Remember, if you’re ready to apply for the exam, I would strongly recommend reading my Tips & Tricks & Advice page for completing the online application.

I also wanted to include a link to the ASQ FAQ page in case you had additional questions.

The information provided in ASQ’s FAQ page is very general and don’t all necessarily related to the CQE exam. 

I did my best to review all this information and filter it for CQE relevance.

 Like I said above, if you have a question that wasn’t covered here, please feel free to contact me!

Also for more information about CQE Academy check out my About page or get started study.

Thanks and good luck!